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The Ultimate Specialty Advertising and Gift Item

The Invisible Tie StayTM is truly a stroke of genius. It was invented as a simple solution to a routine problem. This could be said by almost every person wearing a NECKTIE. Necktie wearers know how their ties get out of control.

The Invisible Tie Stay (ITSTM) was born from such an incident. The inventor was having lunch prior to an important meeting. As he leaned forward slightly to sit down, his tie landed in his soup bowl. Embarassed and frustrated by such problems, he set out to develop a simple and inexpensive solution.

The inventor came up with the Invisible Tie Stay but never thought it would be utilized beyond his own personal use. Today, the Invisible Tie Stay is appearing everywhere and is widely accepted as a necessity by many satisfied customers. The ITS is patented and is copyrighted worldwide. The Invisible Tie Stay is here to stay. With routine use, this simple device neutralizes the world's most naughty necktie problems. Gone are the days of poking holes in your expensive neckties.

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