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Recognizing that "successful fund-raising" is the lifeblood of most non-profit organizations, civic and school groups, the Invisible Tie StayTM is a quality product that is desirable, economical and profitable for your group.

Several market tests have been conducted using the Invisible Tie Stay. High school band members proved the Tie Stay to be a stand-alone, unique product for fund raising. A controlled test with one student, an 8-year-old third grader, proved the consumer appeal and ease of sale using the multiple-pack technique. He sold 182 packs in just five days!

Why the Invisible Tie Stay?

The Invisible Tie Stay provides several advantages for a fund-raising group:

  • One-of-a-kind patented product
  • Easy to handle and demonstrate
  • Inexpensive - Retail is $5.00 per pack of three ITSTM
  • Consumer usually buys multiple packages
  • Deliver packs at point of sale
  • Reorders create continuing income
  • Excellent income -- 50% of the sale
The bottom line is you can maximize your potential, earn more in less time, and create a future residual income from reorders.

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