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I've shown several people how your product works and I'd like to purchase a quantity of them for our organization and friends. Please send as many as you can by return mail. Enclose some literature as well, please, so we may "pass the word." Nice, simple product with a purpose.
B. L. Christenson
Marketing Operations & International Manager
3M Company

I enjoyed talking with you today about "Tie Stay". It is a great product and I look forward to receiving my first 100 items to use in our marketing program. Later this month I plan to show your product to my management in Greenville, South Carolina as a possible company-wide program.
David T. Howe
Manager, Air Force Requirements
Lockeed Corporation

When I stayed at the Adolphus in Dallas, I obtained two "Tie Stays", and would like to purchase more. The "Tie Stay" is one nifty idea, and in windy Nebraska I use it daily. It works perfectly, never tugging or inconvenient, yet always keeping the tie where one wants it without making holes or tugging like stick tie pins. I wish you success in your endeavor; I suspect the "Tie Stay will become a standard part of dressing whenever one wears a tie.
Richard D. Torkelson, M.D.
Division of Neurology Epilepsy Unit
University of Nebraska Medical Center

When my manager stayed at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, he returned with one of your "Tie Stays". They are unique and I thought the men in my family would appreciate one for their ties.
Mary Anne Billcheck
NationsBank Corporation

Letters to the Adolphus Hotel

During a recent stay at the hotel, I received a marvelous gift from you. The "Tie Stay" in my room has provided relief from a constant battle. My tie is now always neatly in place and undamaged by any tacks.

Thank you for a very enjoyable stay and the clever gift.

Mark M. Sockness
Finance Executive
Chrysler Corporation

I picked up a package of your Tie Stays at the Tie Rack shop in the Delta terminal at JFK Airport on my way back to Turkey. A truly amazing invention that keeps me looking neat and protects my ties from soups, stews, etc. Congratulations on demonstrating that simplicity is the essence of utility.
Joshua Bear, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed wearing the "Tie Stay" each day while at the THA Convention. The Tie Stays have been put to good use as I continue to give them to my friends and recommend The Adolphus as a great place to have a meeting! Kindest personal regards.
Terry Townsend, CAE
President, CEO
Texas Hospital Association

During my last visit to the Adolphus my always pleasant experience was enhanced by finding in my room a "Tie Stay". This is the answer to keeping ties in front of the shirt where they belong and not over the shoulder as soon as you walk outside.

Thank you very much for being a truly thoughtful company and providing such a useful device.

Stephen A. Schutze
Senior Vice President
Nations Bank Corporation

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